Tuchel prays for the attacking performance of ‘Lukaku’ fully hit

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Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has criticized his attacking players. No quality, especially with Romelu Lukaku after the Blues game Out of the house to lose to the “leader of the crowd” Manchester City 1-0 by scoring 13 points and then

“from the situation . If you look at our 5 defensive line with the number of players missing. I’m happy with the performance and

defense. There was one golden opportunity that almost put us in the lead, we lost a difficult game. it can happen It’s about personal quality. We lack quality in the frontier. If I were to be honest,

“He (Lukaku) lost the ball many times without following pressure. Even in situations that can be expected,” Tuchel said,

“of course we have to serve him. But he is part of the team. Sometimes he has to service the team as well. He had a golden opportunity but couldn’t. So he has to be involved.”

“He is part of the team and his performance up front. Especially in the first half we were able to do better with what it was supposed to be.”

“You have to wait for the momentum. We had equal chances in the first half. But with the choice of eight or nine transitions from defensive to attack, not once did we touch the ball in the penalty area.

” You need a top performance to make up half of your chances. And that’s what we lacked in the first half. “

Our attacking players need to show more, we need consistency. Chelsea is not a place to hide and not show results.”

When asked about his chances of winning the title After allowing Manchester City to score a distance of 13 points, the big boss of the Singha team said to Ufabet

“It’s about commitment. We are sure we are trying, if City win 12 games in a row and we are struggling with coronavirus and injuries. It was not the best time to narrow the score gap. The gaps are very far because they are better at dealing with coronavirus and injuries,” Tuchel said.