Pokdeng game, fun money making card game

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Pokdeng game is another game that has been in the casino on the web UFABET for a long time. Which we can see in the card game page of each casino camp. But may not be the protagonist like those of baccarat or other card games But the game. Of Pok Deng is a game. That we know very well because in Thailand it is already being played

Whether playing with friends or within the family. but to play with online card website That is different from playing really. How will we take you to get to know each other?

Rules for playing Pokdeng game

The rules for playing the game of Pok Deng are very simple. You just need to understand the cards on each page of Pok Deng first. How are the counting pages counted? The play bounce, if you look carefully. will play like with playing baccarat games because they use the same point count But with the program to play, you will be one of the players of the game. If it’s a play online card website Not a live casino, you will be the one to choose to bet freely. that you want to bet how much But first, you’ll need to understand what the cards are in. Let’s go see.

  • Numeric cards are counted according. To the number of digits. But there will be a special count. That is, the letter A will have a point equal to 1. But if it is a card in that order. This card is considered to be the largest.
  • The face of cards that will be classified as zero have a numeric value of 10, and the cards with the English symbols are  J Q K.
  • The list of cards is arranged from largest to smallest as follows.

How to play Pokdeng game

In playing Pok Deng, if you play online card website without playing with a live casino There is a program to deal cards to you. You can choose the minimum bet you want. Each table has a different minimum bet. So you choose to look at your favorite places and bet according to the strength you have. If anyone wants to call more cards or not. But if the dealer turns up the card as Pok Eight or Pok Nine, then anyone with a lower score, especially Pok 9, will immediately lose the right to call. That means the dealer will win. But in playing poker, there are also other system cards, such as master cards, triangular cards, or sequential cards. ทางเข้า UFABET