‘Pep’ is confident that the sailors know that the title race is not over yet.

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Pep Guardiola is confident Manchester City players will not be distracted by the thought the title race is over. After a 13-point lead at the top of the table, Manchester City continued their superb form with a

1-0 win over Chelsea, giving them 12 straight Premier League wins.

De Bruyne had enough to take the lead and put them at the top with a gap of 13 points, but Guardiola is confident that no team will think the title is in their hands.

“They will concentrate I know them,” Guardiola said in an interview after the game.

“We have been together for six seasons and I know most of the players very well. And know how much they like to compete, how they celebrate the good times and how hurt the bad times, how we’ve acted in every game of the season. even when losing” report by ufabet

“Of course, people will say that the title race is over. The players know it’s not over yet. “It’s impossible to end in January,”

he said. “At the same time we’ve been winning 12 games in a row, winning, winning, winning, to get 36 points in this league to admire these players.”

“But this is only January. It’s not just the Premier League. There are still the Champions League, the FA Cup, there are still many trophies we have to compete with.”