O’Neill praises Wolves for lacking a lot but fighting well.

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Gary O’Neill, Wolverhampton boss Revealed that he was satisfied with the attitude and performance of the players. Because they can compete well with Arsenal even though many players are not ready to enter the field.

Wolves lost 0-2 to Arsenal in the Premier League last Saturday night. The Midlands Wolves now have 43 points from 33 games played UFABET 

“Even though we’re missing a lot of key players, we’ve got the energy to produce and try to put that to good use.” O’Neill said of the team’s injury problems.

“We had two good moments. But if you look at the statistics. You will see how good they (Arsenal) are in defence.

“Gabriel and Saliba are very good players and have good physical condition. We had some crosses and were almost 1-0 ahead when the ball hit the post. But they are a difficult team to play when you don’t have attacking players. We try to use pressing.

“Tonight was a breakthrough for the team. Good work from Hugo (Bueno) and a great debut for Tawanda (Chireva). Tommy Doyle was great too.

“I’m sure at the moment Wolves fans want the team to have players available to everyone. Play offensive games with free movement. But that’s not what we have right now.”