Nike is considering withdrawing another Singha sponsor

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Chelsea Football Club is in serious condition. Recently, it has been reported that Nike is pulling out of kit sponsorship. On Thursday, the British government announced sanctions against several Russian billionaires

, including Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich.

Then Three, their shirt chest sponsors. Have canceled their contracts. Which were signed at 40 million pounds per year.

It could also be another set to pull out. Chelsea signed a 16-year, £900million deal with Nike in 2016, but reports say the big-name company is now considering canceling. If canceled, Chelsea will lose over 540 million pounds of the remaining money in the contract.

During Abramovich was boycotted. Chelsea will not be able to receive Premier League and Champions League money, and they will also be unable to sell tickets to fans at home games. The ufabet report

The club’s megastore has also been closed due. To a ban on monetization of merchandise.

Ex-Chelsea player Pat Nevin. with columns in the club’s match program. It was revealed via BBC radio on Thursday that “Sing the Blues”. Has now been retired from some of the club’s staff and teams.

Chelsea are also entitled to a nine-point deduction in the Premier League if their affairs are subject to property management processes before the end of the season.