De Ligt admits Zebra misses center forward like “Ronaldo”

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Juventus defender Matthijs de Ligt has admitted their team misses goalkeeper Cristiano Ronaldo. Udinese went 2-0 to take 5th place in the table. While they are having problems with finishing and being in the news with many center forwards.

Asked defender De Ligt if they were skeptical of Ronaldo’s move to Manchester United, he replied:

“I think so, Cristiano is the type of player who goes into the box and scores goals every time. Very rarely he misses the opportunity. We’ve missed players like this from the start of the season,” said De Ligt.

Matthijs de Ligt admits Juventus miss ‘a hitman like Cristiano Ronaldo,’ but are improving in terms of experience, confidence and bringing goals from everyone.

The Bianconeri beat Udinese 2-0 with goals from Paulo Dybala and Weston McKennie, but coach Allegri said the team still lacks maturity and experience.

“I heard the coach said that and I understand what he means, because we do have a lot of young players,” De Ligt told ufabet Sport Italia.

“I am young too, at least in terms of age, but I have already played about 250 games at senior level, so have some experience. You mature faster the more games you play.

“We don’t have a striker who can score 30 goals per season, so we have to be involved in every goal. people and everywhere in the field which is happening now.”