Barnes warns the Kop not to expect new players to join Liverpool

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John Barnes believes Liverpool will not be signing any new players if no player leaves the club this summer, according to the UFABET.

Despite the club’s signing of young Fulham midfielder Fabio Cavallho, the Reds legend sees his former club carefully considering buying players in the summer. Summer Without expecting to see new players parade into the team as crowded as football fans had imagined.

“I don’t think we will see a lot of signings in the coming summer. Let’s see last year what happened was Thiago Alcantara, Konate, then Luis Diaz and Diogo Jota, who joined the team.

“I think it depends on who’s leaving. There has been a lot of talk about players leaving the team. Which I think depends on who will move out. News of Divock Origi is coming out continuously. If this one moves, there are others that move out. But if no one moves I don’t think they will sign any new players.”

“You’ve got Harvey Elliott who’s just stepped up in the first team, with defender Curtis Jones, Joe Gomez, it depends on who’s leaving. which now no one has gone anywhere But when the season ends, if someone moves out They will find players to replace them,” Barnes said.