Ancelotti plans rotation in the three games before the international break.

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Carlo Ancelotti is preparing to rotate players onto the field as appropriate during Real Madrid’s 3 football games this week.

Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti has confirmed there will be appropriate rotation of players over the three games in a week. Which will start with a game against Rayo Vallecano on the Liga stage this Sunday. According to a report from ‘Diario AS’ last Saturday. 

‘At the moment we are doing well at home. It will always help us. It’s our home. And now we can play a good game and maintain our lead,’ said the Italian ทางเข้า UFABET

When asked if Eduardo Camavinga would return to play in the midfield again after Orelien Joameny injured his foot in the ‘El Clasico’ game last week and had to rest for rehabilitation. The body is about 2 months old. 

‘He’s one option, yes sometimes we play like a central midfield pair in some games. He is the player with the qualities most similar to Joameni’s.’

Real Madrid is about to play three games in a row after Rayo Vallecano on the Liga stage this Sunday. Continue with a game against Braga on the Champions League group stage on Wednesday, November 8, followed by a game against Valencia on the Liga stage on Saturday, November 11, before entering the international break. The Italian trainer confirmed that there will be appropriate rotation during this period.

‘There will be rotation in these three games but the first priority is tomorrow’s game. We are playing against a very strong and organized team. The important thing is to win tomorrow. We’ll see after that.’

‘It’s time to make a big impact in these three games, both in the league and the Champions League.’


also addressed the lack of performance of forwards Vinicius Junior and Rodrygo Goes, who scored fewer goals than Jude Bellingham and Jose. Luis San Martin Mato Joselu says ‘Rodrigo and Vinicius will score more goals throughout the season. They will score more goals than Bellingham and Joselu, we have no doubts about that.’

‘The important thing is that when they’re not there there’s Bellingham and Joselu who are doing well. We are in no hurry about this.’

The Italian trainer also spoke about Bellingham’s consistency, saying: ‘He hasn’t shown any mistakes so far. He doesn’t need to develop. At this level, the important thing is continuity. What makes the difference to great players is the continuity of the competition. At the moment he already has it.’ 

‘I also emphasize the work he does with and without the ball. His physical workload is very high for a player with these qualities.’